LeadingQuest, Parlacom and Link Solutions Enter M2M Service Provider Agreement in Brazil

LeadingQuest, a telecommunications leader specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and IP telephony, announced that it has signed, through its Brazilian affiliate Parlacom LTDA, an agreement with Link Solutions LTDA, one of the largest distributors of M2M services in the Brazilian market. Parlacom M2M Services Platform is a cloud-based solution which powers M2M applications across a number of industries, including fleet tracking and management, security monitoring, healthcare, utilities, and payment processing, among others.

Under the Service Provider Agreement, Link Solutions will now offer all of its customers throughout Brazil access to the Parlacom M2M Services Platform, thus affording reliable and efficient connectivity with all major Brazilian mobile carriers. Link Solutions customers on the Parlacom M2M Services Platform will benefit from an advanced system that provides data control and management for thousands of M2M devices, terminals and applications, and delivers nationwide connectivity for M2M devices.

“This agreement allows Link Solutions to offer our customers access to the Parlacom M2M network and to advanced tools for 3G, 4G and GPRS data and traffic control and mobile device management,” said Alexandro de Araujo, CEO, Link Solutions. “LeadingQuest and Parlacom’s industry expertise and support model provides our customers with the most innovative method for leveraging the power of M2M connectivity to develop new avenues of revenue.”

“Mobile connectivity is driving M2M growth in Brazil, in industries such as healthcare, fleet tracking, security monitoring and payment processing. Our partnership with Link Solutions will help expand the use of the Parlacom M2M Services Platform across South America,” said Clovis Lacerda, CEO of LeadingQuest.

About LeadingQuest and Parlacom

LeadingQuest, based in North Carolina, USA, is a specialized provider of wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M) marketplace. Parlacom is the affiliate company in Brazil. Our technology is responsible for powering M2M technology providers worldwide. This includes but is not limited to: vehicle fleet tracking, asset management, remote security monitoring, utility metering and payment processing. M2M applications in several industries rely on LeadingQuest’s M2M Platform to deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings. For more information, please visit http://www.leadingquest.com and http://www.parlacom.net

About Link Solutions

Link Solutions LTDA is one of the largest distributors of M2M services in the Brazilian market. Link Solutions supports its customers with the latest M2M advanced technologies by providing cost-effective, value-added services and solutions. For more information, visit http://www.linksolutions.com.br


Telkonet’s EcoSmart for Better Connected Guest and Energy Management in Brazil Five Star Hotel

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The goal of the Internet of Things is to get everything and everyone connected. And the convergence of M2M technology and IoT brings so much potential and so many possibilities at hand. From connected homes, connected cars, to what is now becoming a commodity in the tourism and hotel management, the connected guest. When we speak of connected guest, innovation has a two-fold benefit target: the hotel guest will benefit from its pure convenience and the hotelier will be able to manage facilities and the property efficiently and effectively saving time and money. Continue reading Telkonet’s EcoSmart for Better Connected Guest and Energy Management in Brazil Five Star Hotel

Brazil’s biggest electronic theft uncovered, cybersecurity needed

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RSA, the premier provider of security, risk and compliance management solutions, has uncovered what is said to be the biggest electronic theft and cyber security breach in Brazil. The American computer and network security company confirmed from its blog post that it has uncovered a very significant “malware-based fraud ring”. This malware operates to take in online payment transactions made by Brazilians with Boleto, one of Brazil’s most popular payment methods. Boleto, which is regulated by Brazilian Central Bank, is known as the second most popular payment system in the country since it does not require customers to have a bank account to make payments. Anyone can issue a Boleto, enabling customers to make payments for any type of electronic transaction such as bills payment and taxes. Continue reading Brazil’s biggest electronic theft uncovered, cybersecurity needed

OEM and Aftermarket Telematics using cellular M2M will dominate market shares

OEM and Aftermarket Telematics using a cellular M2M will dominate market shares The most recent study reveals that OEM and Aftermarket Telematics are two segments that will dominate the cellular M2M communications market, growing to an overwhelming 40% of the shares in 2017. In this market, cellular M2M connections are expected to develop by twofold irrespective of what application category. And by 2019, it is expected to expand exponentially to over 600 million connections with these devices operating on cellular networks, all according to ABI Research, who provided a cellular connectivity and revenue forecast that included 20 nations and region segments, 11 application categories and 8 air-interface categories.

In its mission to provide the latest in-depth and quantitative analysis and forecast on trends revolving on global connectivity and emerging markets and technologies, ABI Research highlights that the developing strengths of these verticals in cellular M2M telematics can noticeably bring down improved metering foundations, as well as remote monitoring and control from the top rank of the industry’s market share. Read More

M-government Challenges in Brazil

No doubt that Brazil will become the next big contender for ICT development. Having the fifth largest population in the world and its increasing demand for mobile data as well as continuing efforts to upgrade telecommunication systems, while transitioning to LTE networks, anything is possible for Brazil. However, according to Angelica Mari of ZDNet, Brazil’s adoption of m-government (m-Gov) still in infancy stage.

According to a recent study conducted by Center of Studies on Information and Communication Technologies (Cetic.br), most Brazilian government agencies do not provide m-government services to its citizens. The survey was completed covering 572 public sector bodies from October to December of last year and the survey revealed that only 44% of the government agencies and departments are able to provide provision services through mobile devices. Read More

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